Jan 22

Less common plants for sale


Edited: Jan 22

hello group, I have some plants to sell, pick up only as it is too cold for shipping..

Crypt Nurii, by far one of the coolest crypts out there! md sized plants for $10 ea , easy to grow but slow. has lots of color, I have two types, orange-ish one and greener/dark markings one. lost the proper descriptions with time....

Crypt Affiniss "Metallic red", another one that doesn't come up as often, beautiful coloration stands out more when grown with CO2, but grows fine without it also. $3 md plants $10

Staurogyne sp Bihar, easy to grow stem, big leafs, beautiful burgundy color in serrated leaves. 3 stems $6

Bolbitis "large form", easy to grow, takes forever to spread, beautiful green color. attaches to rocks, wood, etc. can measure up to/around foor and half. 1 bunch for $15

Lotus Super Red, 1 plant $8 , we all know lotus, this one is so red!


paypal payment prefered, not interested in trades. thank you


Nurii "Red" and Wendtii "Green Gecko"






Jan 22


Nurii "Dark Strippes"


I'll get some nurii and the metallic red and bolbittis. I can come by your house

Jan 22

Linus, sure! I don't know how to send a PM, but you can e-mail me directly to ddavila 06 at hotmail


Jan 25


sold out of nurii "redder plant "

out of staurogyne sp bihar


have 1 bunch of bolbitis $15

have plenty of the darker stripes nuriim$10 ea

still have lots of affiniss metallic red 3x $10

1 large lotus red $8


Will be at gwapa tomorrow and I can bring there or deliver to next pvas meeting, I should be there.


thank you





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