May 6

Spring Cleaning


Hell everyone! Just some quick stuff for sale, pickup is in Brentwood, MD (20722) or can meet within a reasonable distance for some small monetary motivation. Thanks! ~Kyle

-L-183 white seam pleco male, 4” or so. Originally from Frank. $40

-Amatitlania myrnae (injuries from spawning pair). Free to good home. 2 sub adults, unsexed.

Equipment: -48” aqueon T8 colormax bulb $5 (x2) -48” aqueon T8 floramax bulb $5 (x2) -48” Corallife T8 50/50 bulb $5 (1) -48” wood grain dual bulb T8 fixture: $10 -30” T8 fixture, black, 24” bulb. Unsure of age on bulb. Works. $15 -25’ python water change system (almost brand new): $20 -100 gallon meta frame tank (will not hold water) with black stand: $120 -3’ VERY branch and raw piece of manzanita: $60 -10+ plastic plant lot: $10 or donated for kids setup -Several pieces of base rock (will need to be cleaned, formerly from saltwater tank from years ago) $10 (maybe 5-10 lbs worth? Not sure) -4 bulb 36” fluorescent fixtures, originally for a saltwater tank and were mounted inside a canopy one worked last time I tried it, the other did not. Have 8 bulbs in it, not sure what type of how good. $30 for the pair of them. -30” T8 fixture, black, 24” bulb. Unsure of age on bulb. Works. $15 -5 gallon metaframe. Holds water but has shown slow leak up near the top, some silicone may not be a bad choice. Quantity of 2. $10 each, $15 for the pair -vintage metaframe supplies (filter, air pump, a few things, not a ton) PM me if interested

-DUBIA ROACHES: Small, medium, large, and breeders available. Let me know what you need and I can determine a price. Predatory fish LOVE these guys, as well as newts, turtles, lizards, chickens, etc. all bred at home by me. Limited quantities

Plants: -Amazon frogbit: $2 for 10+ plants (TEMPORARILY OUT) -Duckweed: free -Jungle Val: $1/bunch (Plants are NOT guaranteed snail or algae free, I do have MTS in most of my tanks)

-Bladder snails (for puffers, etc.) $1 for 10


-Black stand. Bottom shelf, 3 cabinet doors. 48”x18” footprint. $30

Add on 2 AC 110’s. Both used, media is part stock, part makeshift. Not perfects, but run and no leaks. $30 each or $50 for both

New Posts
  • Hi! I'm new to this group, but I have two goldfish that I rescued from an old roommate's house, where they were being kept in plant vases. I don't have the space to keep them in a tank appropriate for their size, so I'd like to find them a good home. I believe they're common goldfish - one is about 3 inches long (all orange), and the other is about 7 or 8 inches long (mostly white). I'm in the Silver Spring area and am happy to meet up to hand them off!
  • Posting this for a friend in Northwest DC. For sale: 135 gallon tank with (6' by 1.5' by two') custom wooden stand, overflow box, 20 gallons long tank that was about to be converted into a sump. Tank has some cracking along the top brace, as shown in one of the pictures, but the tank held water just fine. The tank has not had any water in it for several years, because the owner was away. Everything for $150. You must pick up, but the owner can help carry things out to your car or truck. If you're interested, send me a private message (Members Chat in the lower right corner) and I'll give you the owner's email address. Matt
  • Is anyone raising white worms? Pick up at the December Holiday Party would be ideal, but otherwise I can swing by someone's house.

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