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Nov 07, 2020
In Fish Mongers
TANK I have a 75 gallon aquarium with Covered Stand for sale. All decorations are included if desired. 75 Gallon Aquarium + Stand + Sliding Glass Tops + Fluval 406 -> $250 OBO -Group of about 7 Amatitlania cutteri that have spawned for me multiple times that are included with the tank if not sold separately. -Additionally, there are some random corydoras scooting around the tank that likewise will be included if desired. The tank is in good condition. I built the stand and wrapped it in plywood and trim. It's stained using honey oak and sealed with poly. There's plenty of space under if you want to put in a sump. Approximate dimensions are 50.5"x20"x36" FREE FISH to suitable homes Breeding group of about 7 Amatitlania cutteri. Great group and active. Their breeding colors are stunning. Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Stunning blue and fun personality ~8" Tiger Oscar - Looks like a brute but is really a giant teddy bear ~11" Blue Gourami
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