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Jesse Torgerson

The Auction Committee runs monthly mini-auctions at club meetings, as well as all-day auctions in the spring and fall. 

Crystal Cantrall

Each year the Board appoints an independent (non-Board) member to review the club's financial records for the prior fiscal year. 

Bowl Show
Randall Blancard

Every July the club hosts its annual Bowl Show. The Chairman publishes the rules and classes, oversees registration and judging, tallies votes and presents awards.

Breeders Award Program

The Breeders Award Program encourages members to breed their fish for points with awards given out at the end of the year.


Gary Hostetler

Each year the Board appoints a Budget Committee Chairman to develop a proposed budget for the following year.

Collecting Trips

Bob Bock

From time to time the Collecting Trips Chairman organizes collecting trips. Local collecting trips are a regular feature of the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention.

Fish Bags

The Fish Bag Committee manages the offering of fish bags to club members at monthly meetings in a variety of sizes at wholesale prices. 

Group Buys

Mark Kaprow

The Group Buy Chairman organizes 3-5 group buys per year where savings for members can be realized or to thank our sponsors.

Barbara Day and Kathryn Lawson

The Hospitality Chairman manages the offering of food and beverages at monthly meetings.


Susan Peterson

The Membership Committee manages membership renewals, new member joins, and welcomes new members and pairs them with buddies.


The Outreach Committee communicates club events to local media outlets and fish stores, and solicits donations from vendors to the hobby.

Program and Speakers

Patchin Curtis and

Michael Barber

This committee designs the program of meetings and events, organizes outside activities, and schedules and handles logistics for speakers.


Frank Cowherd

The Raffles Committee runs raffles at the monthly meetings which entails assembling prizes and selling tickets.

Social Media

Bob Bock

The Social Media Czar facilitates the club's online presence through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.


Jacob Waters

The Technology Chairman maintains an inventory of equipment and software, makes recommendations for capital improvements, and sets up and takes down audiovisual equipment at meetings.


Matt Chambers

The Webmaster develops and maintains websites for the club and major events such as the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention.

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