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Let's support our sponsors as they have supported us.

2018-2019 Sponsors and Donors

Corporate sponsor

Aqueon, a Central Garden & Pet Company,

With special thanks to Andrea Puetz and Andy Hudson for their ongoing support of the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention

Gold Sponsors

Amazonas magazine, special thanks to Jeanine Banks,

Florida Aquatic Nurseries, Davie, Florida,

Freshwater Exotics, owned by Jamie and Christine Neumeyer,

The Wet Spot Tropical Fish, owned by Steven and Marcie Lundblad,

Silver Sponsors

Amazon Tropics, owned by Jeremy Basch,

GoWildPeru, owned by Ian Fuller and Michael Barber,

Invertebrates by Msjinkzd, owned by Rachel O'Leary,

Segrest Farms, special thanks to Sandy Moore and Shelby Bush,

Zoomed, owned by Gary Bagnall,

Sponsors and Donors

All Oddball Aquatics, owned by Eric Bodrock,

Aquarium Solutions, owned by Barbie Fiorentino,

Aquatic Life Farm, LLC, owned by Frank Cowherd,

Batfish Aquatics, owned by Joshua Wiegert,

Bob Bock (Member)

Buce Plant, Los Angeles, CA,

Capital Cichlid Association (CCA), MD-based fish club,

Cataclysm, the Midwest's catfish extravaganza,

Chesapeake Area Killifish Club,

Chico’s Natural Pet Market, Falls Church, VA,

Cobalt Aquatics, Rock Hill, SC,

Carol Cowherd (Member)

Patchin Curtis (Member)

Dr. Tim’s Aquatics, owned by Dr. Tim Hovanec,

Fantastic Fins, owned by Dale Ernst II,

Fluval Aquatics, a Rolf C. Hagen company,

Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association (GWAPA), Washington, DC,

Harris Teeter

Hikari, making species specific diets,

James River Aquarium Society (JRAS), Richmond, VA,

Jehmco, Fish Room Supply House,

Christine Keys (CCA Member)

Don Kinyon (Member)

Marineland, a Spectrum Brands company,

Megan McGuire (Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists Member)

Montreal Aquarium Society, Montreal, Canada,

Manuel Moro (Member)

New Life Spectrum, Homestead, FL,

Otter Valley Aquarium Society, Pittsford, VT,


Planted Aquarium Fertilizer, owned by Julia Adkins,

The Pleco Feeder, owned by Doug Patac,

Repashy Super Foods, owned by Allen Repashy,

Sera, special thanks to Claus Frenken,

David Snell (Member)

David Sombach (Member)

Super Cichlids, owned by Lisa Hoeber,

Swiss Tropicals, owned by Stefan Tanner,

Tannin Aquatics, owned by Scott Fellman,

Tropical Fish Club of Burlington, Burlington, VT,

Marty & Charlie Verdery (JRAS Members)

Past Sponsors and Donors

Planet Catfish, brainchild of Julian Dignall,

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