May 18

Mixed Malawi in need of homes


Hello all! Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the tank that I set up a couple years back at a local cat rescue will be getting torn down and removed. There are a lot of fish that will need to be rehomed, as I do not maintain any Malawi fish in my own home. Pictures won’t be very available due to accessibility, but can try and get them next week. Quick list below, more to come. Sizes are approximate.

-2 acei (one for sure male) 5 and 6”, $5 ea (male has an injured lip from fighting) -Venustus male 6” $10 -Male electric blue hap 6” (Beautiful, will be sad to see him go) $30 -Female red fin borleyi 5” $10 -numerous mbuna hybrids (10-15+) ranging from 1”-5” FREE! Please take as many as possible -kenyi female 5” FREE -yellow lab males (x2) 4” FREE -Blue peacock (unsure of species, has bent caudal peduncle) FREE -female peacock (unsure of species, possibly German red) FREE -venustus 3” has a deformed fords fin, otherwise healthy FREE -female dimidochromis compressiceps 5” $15 -Victorian day glow hap 5” FREE

-4 or 5 dragonblood peacocks (low quality, still look nice. One definite male) 4”. FREE

-Low quality OB peacock 4” FREE


That’s everything I can think of for now. Likely won’t be available for pickup until next week but will try and work something out. Unfortunately the owner has become very difficult to her staff and is requesting the tank be removed as I’m not able to continue providing free care for the tank as I used to be able to. Located in Brentwood, MD 20722. Everything with a price is OBO

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  • I need to downsize some so I have a few items that I will give away. I have 3 x ten gallon 3 x 20 gallon 1 x 55 gallon 1 x 15 gallon - this is an acrylic tank that may have been used at a Petco Metal stand that will hols 2 ten gallon tanks Also I have the fish, snails and plants from a 125. Lots and lots of Java fern and subwassertang plus 30-40 Cherry barbs - mostly juveniles with a couple of tetras and 5 glow fish. These are free as well There are also assassin snails in the tank I am down the street from the CVS in Centreville - Lee Hgwy and Pickwick Rd Text 703-863-zero 13 two
  • I am over stocked at the moment and am looking to sell some of the more aggressive dudes. Two Male metriaclima sp. msobo magunga, one is getting the short end of the stick. I won these at a live fish auction at CCA in silver spring a few years ago as juvies. $25 ea or $40 both obo. others are freebee's to go along with above purchase or $5 a piece if separtate. Assorted mbuna from local fish store. Two electric blue, one orange, and one black and yellow. $15 for all if not getting the above. all prices obo.... not really sure there true worth but had to ask something. Very fun fish if you want and active tank... but need something to calm aggression like keeping in harem or hiding places. My community tank is not doing them justice. Thanks PM me pictures coming as soon as i upload them =]
  • Friend of mine has a proven pair of Discus for sale. Please let me know if you’re interested...

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