Mar 20

Free Aquarium Filtration Seminar


Chico's Natural Pet Market in Falls Church, VA will be holding a free seminar on aquarium filtration Sunday March 24 5:30 - 7:30. Seminar will be presented by long time PVAS member John Mangan. Refreshments, raffle prizes, everyone attending will receive a certificate for 20% off their next purchase of fish or aquarium related items. See our website or checkout our facebook page chico's tropical aquarium for more information. Call 703 750-6675 to reserve your spot.

New Posts
  • After just 20 days, our female Melanochromis Auratus (Golden Mbuna) spit her fry in the 40 gal. breeder she was holding in. This is definitely her first little batch to survive. We raised her from a wee little one. It is very hard to tell whether there are ten surviving fry or not. We removed the female, did a big water change, and have been feeding fry on baby brine shrimp several times each day. They are a bit of a challenge to count. It is fascinating to observe how they immediately claim and vigorously defend territory already -- at just days old. If ten survive, we will submit for BAP points, post a spawning report, and include a video journal -- now long in the making . . . Here's a video capturing these little guys:
  • Pleased (and a bit surprised) to find baby Kribensis after school today! We knew the parents had been unsuccessful with an earlier batch, but did not realize they were guarding another clutch of eggs. Hopefully these will do well, and we will grow out and submit for BAP. Here's a very short video:
  • My angels often spawn, but the fry usually disappear after a few days, since the fish are in a community tank. This week, I had two spawns in the same tank, and used a turkey baster to siphon some of the fry out and put them in a German breeding ring in the same tank. One of the parent pairs sees the babies in the ring, and hovers protectively around the ring, interestingly.

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