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Potomac Valley Aquarium Society

Furthering the aquarium hobby

Botia histrionica, Loach, freshwater aquarium fish
Our Club

The Potomac Valley Aquarium Society is a not-for-profit educational and social organization for the purpose of furthering the aquarium hobby by the dissemination of information and advice and the promotion of good fellowship among the members by organized activities and competitions. The society was founded in 1960.

Puntigrus tetrazona Tiger Barb freshwater aquarium fish

PVAS holds meetings the first Saturday of the month starting at 1 pm at:

Green Acres Center
4401 Sideburn Rd
Fairfax, VA 22030

Meetings are open to the public.

Iriatherina werneri, Threadfin Rainbowfish, freshwater aquarium fish

Every year PVAS plans events for its members. In past years we have visited member fishrooms and public and research aquaria, gone on aquarium shop tours, and conducted collecting trips.

Every other year, PVAS hosts the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention.

Caridina multidentata, Amano Shrimp, freshwater aquarium shrimp

Club members receive many benefits including the right to sell fish and plants at monthly meetings, higher commissions at all-day auctions, participation in group buys, and discounts at participating local fish stores.

If you attend more than one or two meetings per year, we ask that you join the club.

Dicrossus filamentosus, Lyretail Checkerboard Cichlid, freshwater aquarium fish

The Potomac Valley Aquarium Society Foundation is a nonprofit entity that facilitates donations to causes that support the hobby such as the purchase of Peruvian rainforest to protect it, and research grants to study aquarium fish disease, prevention, and treatment.

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