Apr 10

PVAS social media accounts


If you're a social media user, you may want to "like" the PVAS has a Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/PvasFish/


and follow the PVAS twitter account, @pvasfish


New Posts
  • Good news! Wix has implemented a chat function among members that functions like private messaging. To open a chat discussion, go to the bottom of the page, in the lower right-hand corner. You'll see a box (currently colored gold) that says Members Chat. If you want to send someone a private message, click on the arrow pointing upwards. You'll get the option to chat with other members of the site. If you have any questions about this function, please let me know, either by responding in this thread or by sending me a private message (that is, if you can figure out how to do it). Matt
  • I can't figure out this new forum but I need my account and personal information disabled/ eliminated. thank you
  • I have not received anything, will this go out soon or be handed at the meeting? thanks

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