Apr 28

DAPHNIA AND FISH FS delivered to May 4, 2019 PVAS meeting


Edited: May 1

Daphnia and fish for sale and can be delivered to the PVAS meeting this Saturday May 4, 2019.


Please respond in a reply below with questions or what you want me to bring to the meeting. All fish and cultures are home grown, tank raised.


Daphnia is $5 a bag.


Rotifer culture is $5 for a pint of an existing culture in a fish bag.

Vinegar eel culture is $5 for a culture in a plastic box and includes a harvesting sponge.


Instructions are available with purchase of any of the above cultures if you provide an email

address by sending a note to me at aquaticlifefarm@gmail.com


Red cherry shrimp are $15 for a group of 20 +.


Lamprologus Gold Ocellatus (F2) (Lake Tanganyikan shell dwellers) young about 1 inch fish $20 each ( 10 available), pairs are $60 (two pairs available)

Chindongo demasoni are $5 each for fish that are about 2 inches Adults are available.



Corydoras aeneus (bronze corys) are $4 each for young fish.

Corydoras sp CW010, Gold Laser Cory are $10 each

Corydoras oiapoquensis are $8 each

Corydoras paleatus are $6 each

Corydoras panda are $6 each

Corydoras weitzmani are $8 each


Opaline (blue) gouramis are $4 each for young 2-3 inch fish.


Elassoma gilberti (gold coast pygmy sunfish) a native fish from western Florida $22 a pair


ANCISTRUS sp L144, Black-eyed Yellow Bristlenose Pleco $22 a pair

ANCISTRUS sp - albino bristlenose $3 each for 1 to 2 inch fish, $7 each for adults

ANCISTRUS sp - spotted/brown bristlenose catfish $7 each for adults


Danio rerio (longfin zebra danio) $5 each

Melanotaenia parva (Red-orange rainbow fish) $9 each for adults or 6 young for $40


SEWELLIA MARMORATA sp FIREWORKS (Hillstream loach) $8 each or 6 for $40


XIPHOPHORUS HELLERI - (black Moscow swords / black velvet swordtail) $5 each

XIPHOPHORUS HELLERI - (red velvet swordtail) $5 each

XIPHOPHORUS MACULATUS - (red-wag platy) $4 each

XIPHOPHORUS MACULATUS - (Electric Blue platy / Platinum blue platy) $5 each


Dumbo-eared firecracker guppies $15 a pair


Please respond in this thread (preferred) or email me at aquaticlifefarm@gmail.com

May 2

Dear Frank,

May I have 3 bags of Daphnia please

May 3Edited: May 3

Frank, per my email on April 24th, I'll purchase 6 Lamprologus Gold Ocellatus (F2). Thank you

May 3

If it’s not too late for me to put in my order, I’d like a vinegar eel culture, please

10AM on Saturday is my normal deadline. So I will bring you a vinegar eel culture. If you need instruction, I need your email which you can send to aquaticlifefarm@gmail.com

May 3

Hello Frank, 2 bags of daphnia please, thx david

OK, but which David are you?

1 bag daphnia

1 bag Red Cherry Shrimp

1 pair dumbo guppies

6 long fin danios

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