Feb 3

Back after many years!!


My name is Brett Mowbray and I'm back after many years ago coming to the PVAS Auctions. I think the last auction I attended was in Frederick, MD if I remember correctly.....probably 15 years ago.


I'm 49 years old male who real job is a golf professional. I have always loved aquatics and

and have been an aquarium hobbyist since I was 15 years old. I started out with the typical community tanks.....then into breeding angelfish and oscars......to keeping and breeding discus. I have kept and raised discus for over 30 years. Shortly after I started raising them......I decided to try my luck at breeding them. I had some success and of course I had some hardships. Even through the years I managed to keep discus even if I wasn't trying to breed them. About 5 years ago.....I decided to try and breed them again.


Currently.....I have 5 to 6 discus breeding pairs and I have had more fortune or luck (LOL) than I ever had. I have probably some of the nicest breeding stock that I have ever had. I have some Stendker Discus (from Hans) and most of my other discus are Asian Discus from Forrest Teo (through Kenny Cheung). Some of the pairs I'm working with now are Royal Ruby Red Pairs (3R), Royal Ruby Red x Red Turquoise Pair, Eruption Leopard Snakeskin Pair, Flamma Rosas Pair, Red Valentine Pair, and Albino Red Spotted Green Pair. As you can see.....I have quite a selection of quality discus. I'm starting to get quite a few discus fry that I look forward to bringing to some of the auctions of PVAS. Currently I have Red Turquoise fry and Red Snakeskin fry raised in my local tap water (hard).


I look forward to meeting some of you at the monthly meetings and auctions.


3R x 3R Breeding Pair!




3R x Red Turquoise Breeding Pair!


Nice! Looking forward to bidding on the fry at the auction

Stunning fish. Welcome back to the PVAS fold. Can't wait to meet you at a meeting.

Welcome back, maybe you could do a lightening talk on your success with Discus in hard water.


Mar 31

Welcome back to the club I look forward to picking your brain on keeping discus because I have wanted to keep them for years but never had the nerve to give them a try.

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