Feb 3

Great February Meeting!


Edited: Feb 3

That was a fun meeting. Thanks to Dr. Emily Cornwell for a great presentation on fish diseases, Michael Barber for his flash presentation on Stinky Creek, Frank and Carol Cowherd for running the raffle, David Snell and Bruce Waxman for auctioneering, and Patchin Curtis for pulling it all together!



Learned a few things like velvet is not killed by the normal dose of formalin where most other parasites are. And that a little added salt to the tank really helps a sick fresh water fish because then they do not have to work as hard to get rid of excess water inside their bodies.

Feb 4Edited: Feb 4

@linus_cello Yes, I know corys are suppose to be sensitive to salt, but do not know why they should be. I use a little salt with them routinely. Perhaps the salt sensitivity is the result of killing corys using salt crystals to add salt to the tank. Salt crystals drop to the bottom where the corys are and where the concentration of salt stays at the bottom, unless there is a strong water current, and this high concentration kills the corys. Always add salt to an aquarium as a solution. Otherwise it can kill the fish that are subjected to the high salt levels around the dissolving crystals. OH, by the way fry are even more easily killed by adding salt in its crystalline/dry form.

@cowherdfg Interesting. I thought the issue was was sodium (rather than calcium), which was one of the reasons why you shouldn't use water softened with a "salt" water softener.

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  • First a big shout out to Raychel Upright for a job well done filling in for your absent Treasurer. She erred on the side of caution in deciding to not make any payouts. To her credit, on Friday, we verified that she entered everything correctly in MyGroupAuctions. Plus the cash box cash count worked out to the penny. Envelopes are in the cash box for distribution to those owed money. The following should see the Treasurer at a future meeting for their November Mini-Auction payouts: Skanda Abeyesekere Andrew Blumhagen Matt Chambers Patchin Curtis Cristy Keister Jae Mitchell Jason Robinson David Snell Brianna Yeager Additionally, there are envelopes in the cash box from past mini-auctions for: Melissa Aragon Mark Hartnett* Jose Jordan* The following individuals should check with the Treasurer in regard to other matters: Kathleen Culbertson Matt Guinn Tom Hall Jackie Hutcherson Sherry Patrick Tracey Pender Susan Peterson Mark Rohrbaugh Matt Woods Any questions please send an email to PVASTreasurer@gmail.com. *mini-auction proceeds not collected in six months devolve to PVAS.
  • That was a great November meeting! Congratulations to our officers and directors. Four more years! Thanks to Raychel Upright for a strong presentation on living wills for your aquatic pets. And many thanks to Scott Fellman for a fantastic presentation on the use of botanicals in the aquarium. Scott is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and energetic. I love the talks where I come home with a list of new things to try in my aquariums. Finally, that was another fine mini-auction. Very impressive to have so many cool items after the all day auction in October. Thanks to David Snell for being auctioneer.
  • As required by the PVAS Bylaws Article VI(B), as the PVAS Nominations Committee Chairperson I hereby put forward the following 2020 slate of candidates: Officers: · President: Patchin Curtis · Vice President: Raychel Upright · Treasurer: Michael Barber · Recording Secretary: Susan Peterson · Corresponding Secretary: Jacob Waters · Corporate Agent: David Snell Directors: 2020-2021 Term · Mark Kaprow · Jeanette Blumhagen Continuing 2019-2020 Director Positions (not up for election this year) · Don Kinyon · Bob Bock (appointed to serve the remaining term for Cindy Solis) Nominations for all open positions may still be put forward and will be taken from the floor at the PVAS general meeting to be held November 2nd, 2019. David Snell PVAS Nomination Chairperson

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