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Robert Peterson
Oct 05, 2020
In Fish Mongers
I purchased some juvenile apistos at the tailgate, wrote the species down, and lost the paper. Do not know the name of the seller, but hopefully you see this and respond Thanks Rob
Robert Peterson
Sep 27, 2020
In Introduce Yourself
I am Rob Peterson, long time returning member, I have kept aquariums since I was a kid, used a 55 gallon as fish therapy when I returned from several combat zones, had as many as 40 aquariums at one point but am down to a 75 gallon and a 15 gallon, with some stored in a closet. Kids need more focus and space so tanks decreased. Neglected myself for 15 years and paid the price. Just spent 6 months in the hospital due to pneumonia, MRSA and sepsis. Spent 35 days in a coma but am almost back to normal. Still have some nerve damage to get over but am on the right side of the glass, so I cant complain. Sugar and Salt are a bad combination. My kids have gotten excited about fish recently as I began to clean up from the 6 months of neglect. they were pestering me for about a month to get some Tequila Sunrise guppies. Daya with help from Linus made some really happy kids today. Made it an informal fish meetup today at my house, with SomethingFishy, Linus and Cooper all getting involved. Always good to see fish folks, hopefully see more next weekend at the "Tail"gate. Current Fish Inhabitants: Sunrise Tequila , Bristlenose plecos, albino bristlenose plecos, L39 Plecos, White Clouds, three line mosquito fish, Laetacara Araguaiae, Gold Laser Corydoras, Sparkling gouramis, butterfly cichlids, glowlight carplets, Batfish barbs. Blue Dream shrimp, and Green Tiger shrimp. Almost all of these are juveniles so shortly will need to set back up at least one more 75 as these progress but so far very little aggression from any of these fish. White clouds and carplets will likely be the first to move as they are currently secluded in a grow out net due to their size. Shrimp will likely go with them into a 29 gallon I was using to grow plants emersed. Gouramis have already shown signs of breeding as I have seen two different bubble nests so they may get their own small tank as well. As you can see, the bug has bitten me again.

Robert Peterson

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