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Greetings. Jonathan Thomas, here, but not even my mother calls me anything but JT anymore. (Unless she's particularly exasperated, a not uncommon occurrence, naturally, if you know me.) My pedigree includes 2 US presidents, a Welsh horse thief, a clan of Polish sharecroppers, a Slovak barber, and a very confused German/Irish woman. I've been married for 25 years to the same woman, and have managed to produce two daughters, each of whom exceeds my wildest expectations.

Professionally, I'm a number farmer, a COR Whisperer, a wag, a stand-up philosopher, and a spreadsheet wrangler. In the past, I've been a pizza deliveryman, a stationary roadie, a bookseller, and a CFO. My formal education is in Electrical and Systems Engineering and Anthropology. My informal education is in the 200's and 810's and 820s. Avocationally, I am or have been, an angler, a bassist, a bibliophile, a vocalist, a political analyst, a mixologist, a zymurgist, an impressionist, a chef of considerable range, a carpenter, a minister, a natur(al)ist, a film critic, an ichthyologist/aquarist, an historian (largely of obsolete slang, medieval Europe, and the American Cocktail), and a Dungeon Master. It has been said of me that "never has one man known so much about so many things which mean so little to so many people." Yeah. That is a fair observation.

But you want to know about fish. Starting with one tank in 2005 or so, I rapidly expanded to 30 tanks, including a pair of 110 gallon cattle troughs for summer livebearer breeding. I pulled back sharply from that, bottoming out at 2 tanks, and have slowly, over the last 2 years, come backup to 10 tanks with 3 more planned. I tend to planted quasi-biotopes (e.g. Southeast Asian Blackwater, NE South American clearwater.) According to my records, I've kept something north of 100 species/varieties of fish and aquatic critters of assorted sorts. 21 each in Cypriniformes (9 of them Loaches, for which I have a definite soft spot) and Siluriformes (15 Corydoras spp.) I've successfully bred 30+ species, including 10 livebearers, 7 corydoras, 5 cichlids, 2 loricarids, 2 cyprinids, and one each killiefish, gouramis, bettas, rainbowfish, and tetras. To be sure, a goodly half of these were accidental.

I'll post some pics of tanks when I have time to pull them down from my phone and FB.


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