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Apr 12, 2021
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Hi! I'm selling some dry goods, fish, and plants this Sunday at the GWAPA table. Please stop by and support the local aquatic plant club... GWAPA will also bring a big box of manzanita wood! DRY GOODS 1 gallon container of Red Eco-Complete/Gravel Mix $5 5 gallon bucket of Aquarium Gravel $10 5 gallon bucket of Black Eco-Complete/HydroBall Mix $10 (sold) 5 gallon bucket of Fluorite/Laterite Mix $10 (sold) (1/2 to 3/4) of a 5 gallon bucket of HydroBall $10 (sold) Corner Waterfall (needs pump) $5 (sold) 55 gallon Tank (no leaks last time used 2 years ago) $20 (sold) Penn-Plax Automatic Fish Food Feeder $10 Unopened SeaChem Acid Buffer pH 5.0 to 8.0 $5 48" 2 bulb Current USA T5HO Light (needs new ballast) $10 48" 2 bulb Current USA T5HO Light $20 (sold) 12" 2 bulb Catalina Aquarium Compact Fluorescent Light $20 12" 1 bulb JBJ Compact Fluorescent Light $10 36" Hagen Flora-Glo T8 30 W bulbs (2available) $10 each 24" Hagen Flora-Glo T8 20 W bulb $5 17" SunPaq Compact Fluorescent bulb $5 9" Coralife Compact Fluorescent 18W bulb $5 PLANTS (I will have multiple bags of most plants, so even if it has # taken, I have more. I list it as sold out if I don't have any more!!!) Proserpinaca palustris (some emersed growth) (sold out) $5 (2 taken) Easy plant with serrated, dark green leaves Gets reddish leaves with CO2, ferts, and high light Bacopa caroliniana $5 Easy plant with lime green leaves Gets pinkish-red leaves with CO2, ferts, and high light Pogostemon gayi $5 Easy, grassy looking plant with dark green leaves Gets reddish-orange leaves with higher light Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia $5 (1 taken) Easy plant with lime green leaves Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green Gecko" $5 (1 taken) Easy plant with bright green leaves and red veins and stems Cryptocoryne affinis "Metallic Red" $5 (3 taken) Easy plant with dark green leaves and deep red undersides Bolbitis heudelotii "Small Form" $10 (4 taken) Easy plant to grow low to high light Doesn't grow more than 6 inches Vallisneria spiralis "Tiger" (sold out) $5 (3 taken) Easy, tall plant with green leaves and "stripes" Great for tall tanks Sagitarria subulata (sold out) $5 (2 taken) Easy, grassy plant with short green leaves Great foreground plant collected in Southern Virginia Microsorum pteropus "Windelov" $10 Java fern with leaves that fork at the end Salvinia minima $5 Easy, floating plant Great for ponds and fry Rotala rotundifolia $5 (1 taken) Easy plant with green leaves Tops get pink with higher light Anubias barteri $5 (2 taken) Easy plant with dark green leaves Attaches to wood and rocks Anubias barteri "Nana" $5 Just like A. barteri, just smaller! FISH Girardinus metallicus $5/pair Cuban livebearer with black chinstrap Girardinus falcatus $5/pair Cuban livebearer with yellow body FISH FOOD I made some 0.5" x 0.5" x 0.25" cubes of Repashy $5/bag (50 cubes) "Meat Pie", "Spawn and Grow", and "Soilent Green". Just drop them in your tank and feed your fish. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also, Viktor from GWAPA will have these items for sale at the GWAPA table too... Bolbitis heudelotti (a ton of it) Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia Cryptocoryne wendtii Echinodorus 'Kleiner Prinz' Hemianthus glomeratus Hygrophila araguaia Hygrophila corymbosa 'Angustifolia' Ludwigia repens 'Red' Nymphaea lotus ‘Red’ Nymphoides cristata 'Taiwan' plantlets Salvinia sp. Vallisneria sp. Vallisneria nana Brachyrhaphis roseni (Someone is getting some already, so I will have pregnant females for sure, but I'm not 100% about having males left. If someone wants a couple of pregnant females, I can give them for free.) Panda guppies Xenophallus umbratilis $12 for 6 juvies (I have 2 batches) Xiphophorus pygmaeus $12 for 6 juvies (I have one batch)
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Mar 01, 2021
In Fish Mongers
Is anyone breeding these locally or know of someone breeding them locally? Thanks!!!
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