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Jan 02, 2021
In Beginners Corner
I have alot of cynaobacteria (black hair algae). I use the prescribed dosages of Maracen 2 - about one week. I took out the carbon from the filter before starting the medicine. At the end of the medicine, directions say to do about a 1/3 water change. I did that. Unfortunately the black hair algae was almost untouched. I got to thinking and I use purigen in my canister. Could that have blocked the Maracen 2? If you don't think so, what do you all think prevented the Maracen from working?
Jun 05, 2019
In Introduce Yourself
Hi, I have been at a couple of meetings and I have really enjoyed myself. I have a 30 gallon community tank which is stocked with swordtails, rainbows, yoyo loaches and cardinal tetras. I have gone through black beard algae and filamitous algae. I have stated using RO water because tap water has too much phosphates. have suggested to my husband that maybe it is time for more tanks and he just looks worried. I was at the June meeting and Paget made a quick statement about field trips, that she needed to know what people are interested in. I have no idea what past field trips have been like but I would love to hear a (flash) talk or main talk with slides about past trips. Are these trips mainly for people in the fish business? Maybe you could put an article on your website with pictures. How long are they and where do you go? Thanks
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