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Thomas Hall
Jul 26, 2020
In Fish Mongers
Hello, I have a bunch of Bristle nose that I would like to rehome. Regular Brown close to 2" - $2.00 each 3 for $5.00 Albino Close to 2" $2.00 each 3 for $5.00 Super Red / Calicos mix $3.00 4 for $10.00 Long finned 2-3" Albino and Brown $4.00 each 3 for $10.00 Male Red Tail Black Fancy guppies $2.00 each 3 for $5.00 Bronze Cories (Nice size adults) $2.00 each 3 for $5.00 Willing to consider trades, female guppies needed, could use assassin snails, Rams or anything else that might be interesting. If you want a bunch of fry let me know and I am sure we can work something out. I am in South Anne Arundel County willing to meet within reasonable distance at public location. I expect purchaser/trade partner to practice reasonably safe measures around me. In particular wear a mask, I will do the same. Thanks, Tom

Thomas Hall

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