Jan 13




My name is Marcel, I am a new member.  I was in the hobby long time ago in my teen years and now I am back. Currently have 7 tanks with wide variety of fish - African Cichlids, SA Cichlids, livebearers, plecos, corys, shrimp, snails, plants. Eventually, I would like to breed something commercially as well. 


I live in Alexandria (near Mount Vernon, Ft. Beloir). If there are any fish keepers near me, I would love to connect, so we could visit, share tips, tricks, etc.

Thank you,


Jan 13

Welcome to PVAS. Sounds like you have a lot of fish. Any pictures?

Jan 15


Have you spawned the blue gouramis? Looks like they are set up for spawning.

I had spawned gouramis in the past but this one is actually a quarantine tank.

Nice tanks, it was great seeing you the other day. Enjoyed viewing your tanks. Lets talk more about shrimp at the next meeting.


Mar 31

Welcome to the club what kind of shrimp do you currently have?

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