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Simple And Cheap DIY Brine Shrimp Hatchery

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

By Jim Chitty

Threw these pictures together rather quickly so please bear with me. This is the simple setup I have for hatching brine shrimp.

Materials are some scrap 2x4 lumber, 4 nails, plastic soda bottle and some rubber bands.

In this demo, Part "A" is 10 inches long and part "B" is 4 1/8 inches long.

I use 2 nails in the bottom to hold it together..see next picture

Cut off the bottom of the soda bottle, insert bottle into the frame and hold in place with 3 rubber bands.

(Save the cutoff bottom for an "optional" step.)

This is the finished "optional" Hatchery. Note you don't need to go this additional step of placing the cutoff bottom over the top if you don't want to. In my case, I am hatching brine shrimp daily. What happens is that the salt spray form an open bottle will eventually create salt deposits around the hatchery. If you are only going to hatch brine shrimp on occasions, you really don't need to go to this step. I use standard 3/16" rigid airline tubing. It is usually sold in 3 feet sections for around $1.

I gently heat the 2 litter bottle until the plastic stars to fold inward. This allows a more easier fit when placing the bottom over the 2 liter bottle. I normally hatch either 1/4 teaspoon or 1/2 teaspoon of brine shrimp eggs daily. I use 3 rubber bands just for safety reasons....eventually the rubbers bands will dry out and you want several to prevent a spillage.

P.S. OK,....I'm sure someone will notice that I forgot to put the LID back on the soda bottle before I took the photos... LOL

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