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DIY Repashy Gel Food Holder

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

By Jim Chitty (extracted from a PVAS forum thread)

Thought I would pass along this little item I made to hold Repashy gel foods in my tank. Since most of my tanks are heavily planted, I was worried that the food would get caught under some of the plants and would spoil. It is cheap to make and does a great job. Items needed.

A. small clay saucer...I got these at a local crafts store for under $1.00

B. Plastic tooth picks..again..found these at the dollar store...a whole pack of them. (note the little spokes on the end)

C. Ice cube tray...again found at the dollar store

D. Glue...I used some JB weld that I had around the house.

Simply cut off the tip of the plastic tooth pick and cement in the center of the clay saucer.

NOTE...The first time I tried this the epoxy came off in about 4 weeks. SOLUTION...take some sandpaper..a rough grade and rough up the center of the saucer. I used a dremel tool to do this but anything to rough up the surface a bit will work. This will give the cement a better surface to adhere to. Using this method they are still attached after nearly 10 months.

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